AIS 140 GPS Tracker

Our flagship product TranSync NAV 140 GPS Tracker is a robust but compact ICAT Certified and AIS 140 compliant vehicle tracker designed for Advance tracking and monitoring of assets. It also features offline data saving and tampering alerts. Its low-cost features imply large scale deployment and volume-based management reporting.

*MRP 15000/-

What is AIS 140?

In order to increase and ensure the efficiency of the transport system the government of India as designed an Intelligent Transport System (ITS) under the Automotive Industry Standard -140. The ITS is globally proven to optimize the utilization of existing transport infrastructure to the best of its capacity. This helps in improving the transportation system in terms of efficiency, quality, comfort and safety. AIS 140 is not being implemented across the country.

Who needs AIS-140 GPS Tracker?

AIS-140 is the intelligent transport system that is a new addition for automotive industry standards. The intelligent transport system (ITS) is a much needed requirement of the world of vehicles. The vehicles on the road are increasing daily and therefore there is a need of a government guidelines which specify the emergency and safety standards that need to be implied in all kind of public transport systems. These include all kinds of rail, road, air and water transportation modules to be fitted with AIS-140 GPS devices. There are two kinds of AIS-140 requirements in a GPS device – emergency button and vehicle location tracking.

AIS-140 covers the following points

  • Reservations management
  • Passenger Information
  • In-vehicle (Location based announcements)
  • Outside vehicle (at bus stops/depots)
  • On demand Information (via Personal Computing Devices)
  • Fare Collection Management
  • In vehicle manual electronic ticketing
  • In vehicle automated ticketing (Smart card based)
  • Safety and Security
  • Emergency Request
  • In vehicle video surveillance and recording
  • Reversing assistance

ICAT & ARAI Certified GPS Tracker Features

ACC detection for ignition status

Be aware of the ignition status whenever you need

Multiple alarms

Instant alert for overspeed, power off, geo-fence

Configure alerts for over-speeding

Send instant email/SMSto notify vehicle`s speeding

Offline data

Offline data stored for 2 days at a frequency of 30 sec

GPS+AGPS+LBS positioning

Allow the location to be pinpointed accurately and rapidly

Configurable tracking modes

Location uploded following fixed distance, time interval.

Tracked by: SMS, APP, Web

Reports iocation in real time through different interfaces

Easy installation

Plug-and-track, easy to swap between vehicles

Functional & Package Specifications

transync AIS 140 gps tracker - transync AIS 140 gps tracker

Power Supply

+8V to +40V

GPS vehicle tracking system live tracking - transync AIS 140 gps tracker

Tracking Mode

< 30mA / +12V

Gps vehical tracker operational temperature - transync AIS 140 gps tracker

Operation Temperature

-15 °C - +65 °C

Gps tracker inputs and outputs - transync AIS 140 gps tracker


2 Digital Inputs & 1 Digital Output

gps tracker battery - transync AIS 140 gps tracker


500mA with 4 Hours Battery Backup

Gps tracker Warrenty - transync AIS 140 gps tracker


12 months

Gps device working environment - transync AIS 140 gps tracker


IP66, IP67, -10C to +65C, 95%RH at 40C

Gps tracker offline data - transync AIS 140 gps tracker

Offline Data

Upto 7days

Gps tracker alerts transync AIS 140 gps tracker


Power down, Speed

Who Needs AIS 140 GPS Tracker?

AIS 140 device for busses


  • State Transport Undertakings – Inter-city & Intra city
  • Private Bus Operators – Inter & Intra city
AIS 140 device for cabs and taxies


  • Car and Bus Taxi fleet owners or operators (incl. corporate fleets)
  • Rental taxis operators
  • Taxi hailing service providers
  • Self-driven car rental operators


  • Schools, Colleges and institutional (incl. corporate) bus operators

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