GPS Tracker Benefits For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles

GPS Tracker Benefits For Restaurant Delivery Vehicles

Eating good food is never going to go out of style. Whatever might be the economic conditions restaurant business never goes out of style. Modern technological advances have made meal delivery systems a reality with the use of smartphones, meal applications, and internet, hot and fresh food can reach anywhere in the shortest possible time.
For restaurant delivery business a fleet of vehicles including two wheelers and four wheelers is necessary to keep up with the orders. GPS trackers on the restaurant delivery vehicles can help the restaurant owners plan and manage the deliveries better in many ways:

Keep food hot and fresh always

Keep food hot and fresh always - transync make in india gps trackers

GPS trackers on the vehicles are big asset if you want to ensure that the deliveries are done in time. With the use of GPS trackers the drivers can find the best possible and shortest route of the delivery location. This means that the food will reach the consumer hot and fresh (local deliveries) and fresh and right on time (outstation deliveries). This will also prevent the food from reaching an expiration date. GPS trackers can also advice a change of route mid-way if there is traffic congestion in the way.

Track the delivery vehicle for correct information

Track the delivery vehicle for correct information - transync make in india gps trackers

Sometimes it happens that the drivers can err and given an incorrect report about the time driven and why they were late in deliveries. Therefore when you are tracking the restaurant delivery vehicle in real time you will have a digital report of where exactly the vehicle is and what route it took to make the delivery. This way you will know if the driver is trying to cheat by billing extra to you and making excuses. GPS trackers can also help you out in figuring various routes and which vehicle will be best for the said route.

Cut your costs in terms of customer dissatisfaction

Cut your costs in terms of customer dissatisfaction - transync make in india gps trackers

We are all living in a very real world. There are good and bad people. Therefore there will be some customers who will be dissatisfied by the delivery no matter what. With GPS tracking you can cut down on these costs as you will have a exact time of delivery and placement of order in hand.
Less pollution: The more restaurant delivery vehicles you have the more is the carbon footprint. With the use of GPS trackers on your delivery vehicles you can greatly reducing the carbon footprint by optimizing the routes, keeping up with the scheduled maintenance, reducing idle hours and controlled speeding. All this can be easily done by the GPS trackers in the vehicle. A good vehicle will mean less emissions and better life span.

Two way communication with the drivers

Modern GPS tracker systems allow you to have a two way communication systems. This means that if the drivers need to contact you or vice a versa you can do it instantly. This means if the vehicle is in an accident or if there is going to be an delay in delivery you will know it instantly and can provide a solution without wasting the time.

GPS tracking will benefit both you and the customers. It will increase the transparency in your restaurant delivery business which in turn will increase the customers trust in you. Being more efficient and connected with the customers will keep them loyal to you for a long long time. Internally the drivers of your vehicles will know that they are being monitored and therefore in turn be extra careful while driving and not waste time. Also the drivers will know that you are with them in case of emergencies and therefore have more loyalty towards the company.

GPS trackers are small devices and can be easily installed on the vehicles and can be made tamper proof so you don’t have to worry about the readings being changed. GPS trackers will help your business benefit financially in a long run.

About Transync

Transync is one of the few brands in India that manufactures Smart GPS Tracker or Advanced Tracker. Transync is the flagship brand  of Volty IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd, based out of Hyderabad, India. Unlike others, Transync designs, develops, and manufactures the device indigenously. We are proud to be actively replacing imported GPS Devices by providing homegrown, more accurate and indigenously manufactured devices. Transync is one of the market leaders in the GPS device market in India and we have hundreds of thousands of trackers currently deployed on field and are working with various State Governments in India and some large MNCs such as Volkswagen, Ford, Mahindra etc. to build custom solutions.

We have different kinds of GPS Trackers like – TRANSYNC-P2 Basic Tracker, TRANSYNC-L1 Advanced Tracker, OBDII+ On Board Diagnostics, TRANSYNC AST-211 Asset Tracker, TRANSYNC B2 for bikes and ThingSmart RFID reader.

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