School bus safety rules

School bus safety rules

The school bus is very different from the normal buses you see. It has the great responsibility of ferrying students to and from home to school. Everyday millions of children travel in school bus. They help by reducing the load on parents and also the use of cars that come to the school to drop off the children. School buses are mandatory to have tail lights, blinking side lights, seat and lap belts, working emergency door etc. Of course we know that students are children but some school bus safety rules for parents, children and the bus drivers are in place so that discipline and security can be maintained always. Having rules gives everybody the advantage of making sure that untoward accidents don’t happen and in cases where accidents happen it is easier to figure out where the fall lies.

School bus safety rules for students

School bus safety rules for students - transync made in india gps trackers

• Do not stray away from the bus stop. Wait for the bus at the scheduled place only.
• Do not stand at the edge of the road. Stand at least 10 feet away from the road
• Climb in the bus only when the bus has completely stopped and the driver says it is ok to climb on the bus
• If you have to cross the bus then always cross from the front and not the behind.
• After boarding the bus seat yourself at the available seat and buckle up the seat belt.
• Do not leave your bags and other articles in the aisle
• Do not make noises in the bus that distract the driver
• In case of emergency listen to the driver’s instructions and follow them carefully
• Do not get off at unscheduled stops
• Do not stick your hand or head out of the window.
• Do not throw objects around
• Do not disturb other children
• Maintain discipline at all times.
School bus safety rules are not just for students only they are applicable to parents and the bus drivers too.

School bus safety rules for parents

School bus safety rules for parents- transync made in india vehicle trackers
• Understand and document all the school bus route always
• Note down the timings of the school bus and follow it
• Get to know the driver of the bus and note down his phone number
• Download the tracking app on your phone and track the route of the bus
• Teach the safety rules to your children and stress that they always follow them
• Make sure that your child reaches the bus stop in time
• Teach your children to not to cross the road when there is traffic on the road
• Teach the children basic road rules
• Advice the children to follow the drivers instructions

School bus safety rules for drivers

School bus safety rules for drivers- transync made in india gps trackers
• Make sure that the buses comply the safety rules set by government
• Make sure that scheduled maintenance is followed at all times
• Check the lights, brakes, transmission, horn, GPS, steering wheel, emergency gear etc. are all working correctly at all times
• Remain alert on the road always.
• Do not talk or text on your phone while driving
• Do not over speed under any conditions
• Check the seats for any debris and other interiors
• Always help and assist the handicapped children
• Make sure that the student gets off at the scheduled stop only
• Make sure that you know all the routes and diversions
• Never consume alcohol or drugs and drive
• Do not smoke inside the bus
• Never let any unauthorized person inside the bus
• Do not let pets be inside the bus uncles specified than the school bus management
• Follow the traffic rules while driving always.

Apart from these rules the public has also to be educated to understand the school bus safety rules and their signals.

For example with a yellow light it means that the children are boarding or de-boarding the bus. By following these safety rules the children are kept in a safe and secure environment.

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