How Bike Trackers Benefits Bike Rental Companies

How Bike Trackers Benefits Bike Rental Companies

With more and more people being environmentally conscious nowadays bike riding is becoming very very popular all over the world. Bike rental companies are an innovative idea that encourages people to use the bikes at their own convenience for a small fee. For the users it is the ease of biking anytime they want without having to worry about storing the bikes and maintaining them. For the bike rental companies it helps them do their bit for encouraging the people to be environment friendly and healthy.

However we do not live in a perfect world and the problem that bike rental companies face is keeping the track of the time the bike is used (to bill accordingly) and to know the bikes location at all times. This is made simple by the use of bike trackers in the bikes by the bike rental companies.

Trackers on bikes are small devices and very easy to install at places where they are not visible and be tampered with. When the GPS tracker is installed on the bike the information is stored at regular intervals specified by the bike rental companies. This information is in various forms such as location, bike lock and unlock, battery status if there is one, distance traveled etc. This information can be accessed by the owner anytime they want.

There are many advantages for the bike rental companies with bike trackers

with gps tracker for bike There are many advantages for the bike rental companies - transync gps trackers

• Easy and transparent billing: With the GPS tracker on the bikes it is easy for the rental companies to bill the time the bike has been used without any ambiguities.

• Help in case of accidents: GPS tracking on bikes are a great help if the biker is in trouble because of accident or a malfunction with the bike parts. A simple SOS from the tracker can alert the bike company and help can be on the instantly. Not only this increases the renters confidence in the company it helps the bike rentals better maintain their bikes. Trackers will record entire detail of the accident so that the user cannot fib about the damage.

• Use in every season: trackers for bikes are rain and extreme temperature proof. Therefore they can be used in all the seasons with ease.

transync bike tracker advantages for bike rental companies and food delivery companies

• Prevent Theft: One of the biggest advantages of bike trackers is theft prevention as not only it causes delay in operation but also leads to financial losses. This can be in two ways: One way is that the GPS tracker alerts the owners the moment someone tries to take the bike form the stands and the other is to jam the bike the instant the thieves try to steal them from the rider. This is usually done by locking the bike and sounding the alarm if there is one.

• Real time tracking of the bikes gives the owners the benefit of recording the speed and location of the bike and red flags appear if there is any kind of unauthorized use. Also this ensures that the bike is returned to its stand in the same state that it was taken in.

• With the trackers on the bike it is easy to have surveillance when the bikes are rented to companies which use delivery boys. This means that the delivers are on time and bikes are not misused.

Bike trackers can be installed on cycles, and other two wheeler’s. Wide use of trackers on the bike has made it very cost efficient for the bike rental companies to expand their business by cutting down on maintenance costs and therefore increasing the life of the bike. Bike trackers are also recently been used in bike sharing modes in college campuses give the stud ents the most economic mode of travel.

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