What is eSIM?

What is eSIM?

In this current era of communications there is hardly anybody who is without a mobile phone or is not connected to the mobile connectivity in one way or other. A mobile phone works on the SIM that is the subscriber identification module. The term eSIM is the new age technology that is promoted by the network operators worldwide because in this the SIM is integrated in the mobile device and cannot be removed from the device. The GSMA claims that this kind of chip will be very useful in everything right from connecting to things in the house and traffic regulations.

There are many advantages of using the eSIM:

• The information and details that are stored on this kind of the SIM is rewritable and therefore if the user wants to change the operator it can be done easily without having to swipe the SIM and waiting for the new SIM.
• Smaller devices can be made because there is no need to have a SIM slot

The development of eSIM has bought of wave of change in the way the use of smart phones and cloud computing. A big advantage of eSIM is being utilized in AIS-140 which lays down the guidelines how the intelligent transportation system works to increase the efficiency of the entire system.

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Less Chances of Fraud: The very big advantage of using the eSIM in the mobile that there are very less chances of fraud since the SIM is inaccessible. This means that both the SIM number and the mobile identification number will be linked and easy to trace.

Smaller device means less installation space: With the use of eSIM small devices can be installed in the vehicles and other tracking devices. This will save the space and be more economical for the manufacturers as well as consumers.

Multiple support: The eSIM does have a design feature of supporting multiple SIMs that will give the user more freedom. This means that for example on one mobile operator the user can do remote engine monitoring and on the other mobile operator navigation or other tools can be used.

Connected Mobility: Also known as intelligent mobility ,this concept includes having the independent industries in ITS such as manufacturing, information systems, communication technologies, and infrastructure management and logistics and distribution all connected to each other at a real time level. With eSIM groups can be created for a fleet to give a better access to the owners.

Safety: The main aim of the AIS140 is to increase the safety of the people, vehicle and roads. A more secure connection and management of the mobile devices has been possible because of eSIM. This has helped create a stronger and reliable network and environment that has helped the market grow further.

Public Transport: eSIM devices along with technologies such as NFC can greatly improve passenger convenience, give more flexibility and personalized communication with the passenger and help promote public transport. For journeys that include more than one mode of transport this facility become more useful. The eSIM will let the user connect to the more preferred network easily without having any gaps in the service therefore the public transport information is never lost.

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