GPS Tracker Devices to Provide Safety For Teen Drivers

GPS Tracker Devices to Provide Safety For Teen Drivers

Teen is an age where you are dealing with neither a child nor a adult. A teenager wants to do everything an adult does but has the sense of responsibility of a child. Teen drivers often drive in the excitement of the youth but do not realize the perils of driving fast. Of course it is quite natural for the parents to worry about their children on the road in the busy traffic and at odd times on the road. Since they cannot go with them everywhere the next best solution comes in the form of the technological marvel of GPS tracker Devices.

GPS tracker devices can:

Provide driving reports: Aggressive driving is one of the prime concerns with teenagers on the road. GPS trackers can give parents real time information about the speed of the vehicle. This alert can also come to the driver asking them to slow down. Aggressive diving can cause accidents and damage lives and therefore keeping a tab on teen drivers is very important.

Traffic alerts: GPS trackers can provide real time traffic alerts to the teen drivers so that they can avoid the congested areas and making driving easier.

Car maintenance: To expect a teen to remember the time of next oil change is too much to expect. GPS trackers give alerts for the maintenance of the car to the teens as well as the parents so that the vehicle is in top condition at all times. This reassures the parents that the vehicle is less likely to break down in the middle of nowhere for the lack of maintenance.

Hands free communication: GPS trackers provide hands free communication facility which enables the parents to connect with the teen and help them with their driving and other potential situations they might be stuck in.
Fuel usage reports: If someone wants to really know how much the car has been driven then fuel usage reports are the best way to do it. The amount of fuel that is used by the vehicle gives a clear picture of how much the car has been used, the driver habits and vehicle maintenance. This data can help the parents instil better driving habits in their children.

GPS trackers are the simple and easy way for parents to have their peace of mind and at the same time letting the teens have their own privacy. There will never be a question on what and where the teen has been up to. GPS trackers will also store all the data on the routes that have been used, the mileage of the vehicle etc. which can be bought up when needed.

GPS trackers can do both active and passive recordings and tracking. They can be easily installed on the car. In case of an emergency the text can be sent to multiple numbers. Weather reports on the GPS trackers also help the teens to be careful in adverse weather conditions.

There are mainly two type of GPS trackers that are used by the parents one is the hard-wired tracker and other is the magnetic tracker. The hard wired tracker derives its power from the cars battery is safely hidden under the dashboard. These trackers are difficult to temper with. Magnetic trackers are simply buy and install on the dashboard. They work on batteries and are ready to use straight away.

GPS Tracker Devices will help the parents and the teen drivers both to help them correct the problems with the car as well as the driving habits which put them at risks and become a better driver with good habits.

About Transync

Transync is one of the few brands in India that manufactures Smart GPS Tracker or Advanced Tracker. Transync is the flagship brand  of Volty IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd, based out of Hyderabad, India. Unlike others, Transync designs, develops, and manufactures the device indigenously. We are proud to be actively replacing imported GPS Devices by providing homegrown, more accurate and indigenously manufactured devices. Transync is one of the market leaders in the GPS device market in India and we have hundreds of thousands of trackers currently deployed on field and are working with various State Governments in India and some large MNCs such as Volkswagen, Ford, Mahindra etc. to build custom solutions.

We have different kinds of GPS Trackers like – TRANSYNC-P2 Basic Tracker, TRANSYNC-L1 Advanced Tracker, OBDII+ On Board Diagnostics, TRANSYNC AST-211 Asset Tracker, TRANSYNC B2 for bikes and ThingSmart RFID reader.

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