Importance of School Bus GPS Tracking

Importance of School Bus GPS Tracking

When it comes to children security and safety is the paramount. This is where the GPS tracking systems come into play. If each and every one of the school buses is equipped with the GPS tracking systems then it is easier for the school management to track the students and the bus and it gives the parents peace of mind knowing that the school is taking care their ward’s security.

GPS tracking system can be easily installed in school buses along with the video cameras to see what happens in the bus is recorded and stored. School bus GPS tracking is very important in many aspects
Safety is the key: Where children are involved it is important that buses are well equipped to deal with any kind of emergencies. GPS tracking assists in a big way to ensure that in case of emergencies authorities and parents can be alerted immediately and help can be provided.

Time saving routes

plan Time saving routes with gps tracker - transync

A lot of time is wasted on the school bus and if the route from home to school is not optimized then more time is wasted. Children get bored on the school bus and get tired too. GPS can be sued to find out the shortest and most optimized routes for the school bus so that time is not wasted. Also shorter routes mean less tired and more active children who concentrate on the school and home activities better.

Fuel saving

Fuel saving with GPS trackers - transync gps trackers

Better charted routes and well-maintained buses are a boon which the school gets with the use of GPS tracking system. This means that the school will be spending less on fuel which in turn means more savings for the school. Maintenance schedules are intimated by the GPS tracking systems and if they are not followed then it will reflect on the state of the bus. The school buses needs to be maintained because it avoids breakdown and thus heavy costs. For the part of students any breakdown in school bus can cause delay in reaching the school or home and worry for the parents. Therefor GPS trackers with one single simple reminder can help the students and parents both.

Driver safety

DRIVER SAFETY with GPS trackers - transync gps tracker

Drivers are after all human beings and therefore they might err at times. But when they know that their driver habits are being monitored they driver better and are more carefully. Some common driver habits included liking the engine running idle for long period of times, breaking too much and accelerating suddenly. These habits can be monitored using GPS tracking and drivers can be easily coached by giving reviews and training’s. This will mean better experience for both parties.

Reduce unauthorized use


Reduce unauthorized use with GPS trackers - transync gps tracker

With GPS tracking the hours the bus has been driven are logged in always. Therefore this restricts the unauthorized use of the bus like the driver taking a detour to his or her home or stopping at a shop around the corner to purchase something. This way the hours billed are transparent and easily verifiable. Also if the bus takes an unauthorized route alerts can be sent out to the school.

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GPS tracking of the school bus is become necessary in the present day scenario. There are many kinds of anti-social elements in the society which pose all kinds of threats to the children. In the school bus the children are very vulnerable to the external elements. Therefore GPS tracking helps prevents these dangers and keeps the children safe at all times.

GPS tracking systems should be installed from the best companies only which can provide regular upkeep and customer support for the system. Although most GPS tracking systems cannot be tempered with but they are still and electronic and mechanical system and therefore upkeep is important.

About Transync

Transync is one of the few brands in India that manufactures Smart GPS Tracker or Advanced Tracker. Transync is the flagship brand  of Volty IoT Solutions Pvt Ltd, based out of Hyderabad, India. Unlike others, Transync designs, develops, and manufactures the device indigenously. We are proud to be actively replacing imported GPS Devices by providing homegrown, more accurate and indigenously manufactured devices. Transync is one of the market leaders in the GPS device market in India and we have hundreds of thousands of trackers currently deployed on field and are working with various State Governments in India and some large MNCs such as Volkswagen, Ford, Mahindra etc. to build custom solutions.

We have different kinds of GPS Trackers like – TRANSYNC-P2 Basic Tracker, TRANSYNC-L1 Advanced Tracker, OBDII+ On Board Diagnostics, TRANSYNC AST-211 Asset Tracker, TRANSYNC B2 for bikes and ThingSmart RFID reader.

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