What is Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

What is Intelligent Transportation System (ITS)

For any Transportation system there are three main aspects: the people, the vehicles and the roads. The three are interconnected to each other and dependent on each other. An intelligent Transportation system utilizes the technology to improve the quality, quantity and qualitative value of the Transportation system. This is achieved with the use of advanced technology of communication systems to get the real time as well as past information helping the people in vehicles on the road.

Challenges of Today’s Transportation system

With the growing economics of each country in the world the Transportation system also needed to be upgraded. There were mainly three challenges that the Transportation system faced:

Safety: The safety of the passengers and the vehicles is the biggest challenge. As the number of vehicles rose so did the number of accidents.
Mobility: Another big challenge was the traffic jams and congestion. The mobility affected many users and also increased the level of stress thus endangering the safety
Environment: The pollution and fuel wasted have over the years created a serious threat to the environment and the health of the people.

The aim of the Intelligent Transportation system is to increase and advance the safety, mobility and improve the environmental sustainability of the existing and new Transportation systems using various means such as electronic information, technological applications and capturing. The Intelligent Transportation system can work in many ways.

Depending on the goals of the systems it can capture diverse and various information at the same time using wireless, and wired technologies. For example the telematics and camera can give diverse information regarding how to manage traffic or know how to economize public Transportation modes. RFID technology can be used to transmit signal across various geographical areas.

ITS systems can measure volume of the traffic, look into enforcement of traffic laws, analyse ways to reduce carbon emission, improve the safety and the efficiency of the individual vehicles or entire fleets, predict traffic outcomes in the future so that the planning can be done in advance, look for ways to improve the safety of the pedestrians, cyclists and other on the road.

Another big advantage of ITS is that it can be used commercially so increase the efficiency of the fleet operations, improve shipping and moving time, increase safety of the Transportation industries thus benefiting the drivers which in turn increases the employee employer trust bond.

Intelligent Transportation System ITS uses various technologies such as
• Wireless technologies: These facilitate the communication between the vehicle and other modalities
• Computational technologies: These comprise of both the software technologies and the artificial intelligence systems. These can be present in the vehicle
• Non-Real Time and Real Time Floating cellular data
• Sensing technologies
• Video vehicle detection
Various Applications of ITS
With the recent technology in use ITS can be used in a number of applications such as
• At toll collection plazas
• Emergency vehicle management
• Congestion trafficking and management
• Automatic road laws enforcement
• Collison avoidance systems
• Traveller information systems for inner city and intra city Transportation

Advantages of using the Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation System Benefits - Transync GPS trackers

The countries which have implement the ITS have shown a remarkable increase in the efficiency of their Transportation systems and road conditions. Some common benefits of the ITS include
• Time efficiency: Planning done through ITS helps save the time the vehicle is on the road and for the travellers too
• Reduced accidents: With the used of collision avoidance systems and better traffic planning the risk of accidents can controlled
• Decreased traffic congestion: Planning and monitoring in the real time helps the agencies plan the congest route and reduce traffic load on the same
• Better emergency response time
• Energy and Environmental Benefits: The benefit to the environment with the use of ITS cannot be denied at any level. Cutting down on carbon emissions is one of the prime concerns and ITS helps with the same

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