Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance Matters

Why Regular Vehicle Maintenance Matters

Your vehicle like any other mechanical and electronic equipment is subject to wear and tear. If we compare it to human bodies then just as we feed and clothe and take care of ourselves to maintain our health, the same way we need to take care of our vehicles. When you drive a vehicle it becomes an extension of yourself and if it is not working properly you are exposing yourself to many dangers.

Whether you own a personal vehicle or own a fleet of vehicles the care and maintenance of them is very important. It is very frustrating if your car runs into trouble at times when you really need. It is not only disturbing in terms of the money and time you will waste on repairs but also in terms of the errands you will not be able to run now. If you are running a business that has a fleet of vehicles and if even one of them has a sudden breakdown that could throw your entire schedule out of the window and cause losses in terms of customer satisfaction and revenue.

Therefore regular vehicle maintenance includes simple things like

Engine tune up

Engine tune up with the help of gps vehicle trackers analytics - transync

Without the engine you cannot go anywhere. Therefore if you hear even the slightest noise for your engine then you should get it checked immediately. Ignoring it can lead to the engine seizing up at any time. If the check engine light goes up then it is a sign that the engine is in trouble. Also the overall efficiency of the car goes down (for example the power, the gas mileage etc.) with use in time but after the tune up you will notice is difference in its performance. Engine tune up includes checking and cleaning of spark plugs, battery and other electrical connections, sensors, wiring etc. if there is any fault replacements are made immediately.

Check tyre air pressure and threads

Check tyre air pressure and threads with the help of gps vehicle trackers analytics - transync

The tyres in the vehicles take a lot of load and therefore maintenance is required. You should never overload the vehicle as it will put more pressure on the tyres. Therefore you should always maintain the tyre air pressure in the vehicles. Also the tyre threads should be check. If the threads are worn out then while breaking the tyres will not have the grip on the road and accidents can happen. The correct tyre pressure is mentioned in the owner’s manual of the vehicles.
Oil and brake fluid change: These are simple maintenance process which will increase the healthy life of your vehicle. Oil change can be done personally or you can take your car to the nearest mechanic regularly. Similarly the brake fluid ensures that the brakes work smoothly and properly. Oil change requirements can be easily learned from the owner’s manual that comes along with the vehicles.

Pro-active maintenance

Why wait till last minute to get the car checked. Being Pro-active in the maintenance schedule of the car is very easy and will prevent long haul problems. A scheduled maintenance will check for parts that are due their best use that and replace them or repair them wherever necessary. In most of the cases the car parts fail because they have not been maintained properly and cause expensive repairs.

Regular maintenance of the vehicle also helps you reduce your carbon foot print and leave a greener atmosphere. A health vehicle will emit fewer gases and consume less fuel which means less pollution.

Apart from these practices keeping your vehicle clean, checking the AC regularly, checking the exhaust and muffler regularly will help increase the life of your vehicle and drive without worries. Hence if you have not taken your vehicle for maintenance for some time then do it today.

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